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Lawn Tractors & Riding Lawn Mowers

Where incredible strength meets ultimate comfort.

With strength in every detail, from breakthrough cutting and bagging performance to incredibly responsive handling, enhanced comfort features and a first-of-its-kind Bluetooth® mobile app for down-to-the-minute maintenance monitoring - the XT Enduro Series sets the new standard as the strongest, most comfortable tractor. Its exceptional mowing performance, all-season versatility and strong construction stand up to just about anything...including every other tractor warranty out there.

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CC30 Rider

Small but just as mighty, delivering the same Cub Cadet Signature Cut as the rest. Incredible maneuverability to move between narrow spaces with ease. High-Performance with all the necessary power and proven durability.

CC30 Rider starts out at $1,199.99 + tax

CC30H Hydro Rider starts out $1,399.99 + tax

XT1 Enduro Series


The XT1 Enduro Series lawn tractors set a new industry standard. Re-imagined from top to bottom, these riding mowers deliver exceptional mowing performance, are remarkably comfortable and are engineered to support a wide variety of attachments for all season versatility. Units available from carbureted models to EFI models.

XT1 Lawn tractors start out at $1499.99 with deck sizes ranging from 42” up to 54”

XT2 Enduro Series

The XT2 Enduro Series delivers even higher levels of power, control and durability. The XT2 tackles more challenging terrain and takes on the conditions that demand more power while supporting a host of attachments for true year-round versatility. Units available from carbureted models to EFI models.

This step up in strength and comfort is exclusively available at Independent Cub Cadet Dealers.

XT2 Series lawn tractors start out at $1799.99 with deck sizes ranging from 42” to 54”

XT3 Enduro Series

The XT3 Enduro Series is setting a stronger industry standard and come fully loaded with strength from the very start. Ideally equipped for mowing and hauling and equipped to support various attachments. The XT3 gives you strength, comfort and versatility for the ultimate lawn care experience.

Exclusively at Independent Cub Cadet Dealers.

XT3 Enduro Series tractors start out at $3899.99. Mower decks are additional charge and range from 42” to 60” available in stamped and also fabricated.

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